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24th-26th August 2013 - Oulton Park

Messer takes F3 Class after an epic battle with Thompson and Blockley

After the early retirement of Nigel Bancroft, Jim Blockley (Brabham BT21B), Pete Thompson (Brabham BT21) and Keith Messer (Vesey) fought for the lead of Class D in the Classic Racing Cars Race at yesterday's Oulton Park Gold Cup Meeting. Initailly Blockley led, but after he spun at Lodge with a siezed engine, Thompson and Messer carried on where they left off at Brands Hatch; both were evenly matched, but in the end Messer took the victory. Chris Holland (Brabham BT21) fought his way through to third, ahead of Julian Maynard (Chevron B17) who had been battling Leif Bosson (Brabham BT28)

Photos by David Woods and Robb Faloon