One-Litre F3 Historic Racing Association

1968-69 Tecno SOLD

Tecno F3 1000 cc 1968/69


In the effort to achieve mint condition this Tecno was carefully renovated with newly made and/or restored original parts during 2012-2018.

Ford Cosworth MAE 998 ccm engine, driven about 5 hours after re-construction. All new parts from Cosworth, Arrow Precision, and Yarwood Enginering UK.

Hewland Mk 8 gearbox built by ADA Enginering UK, brand new at engine renovation. A number of drive kits are included.

Two complete bodyworks in excellent condition: one renovated 1968 original and one 1969 type built in 2019. All instruments are from Farringdon Instruments UK.

Three sets of wheels (12 pcs) with Avon Historic F3 A37 tires, including new rain tires. Two sets of split rims from Braid, as well as one set of brand new fully cast original aluminum rims from Roin Technology Italy.

Applicable HTP valid until the year 2026 for international competition.

The car is race ready today.

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