One-Litre F3 Historic Racing Association

Ginetta G8 For Sale

Unique, totally rebuilt (2021); successfully raced in UK and Europe; quailifies for many pretigious events; FIA papers


This totally unique Ginetta G8 qualifies for many prestigious events including Goodwood and 2024 - 60th HF3 anniversary events. 

Unique as it was the only one ever built by Ginetta, featuring a fibreglass monocoque, internal front suspension all on a car designed in 1963. 

Fitted with a fully sorted and refreshed period Ted Martin 1000cc Ford, refreshed MK8 Hewland box and rebuilt suspension. 

Totally rebuilt and brought back to the track after 56 years in 2021 (winning the HF3 award for quality of rebuild) and successfully raced on UK and European tracks. As the car was not raced for many years it is possibly one of the most original cars on the track. With full FIA papers and wheels/tyres for both series it’s ready to race in several exciting upcoming 2024 series. 


Includes many spares with all body and monocoque moulds. This car is a lovely looking machine in its original colours, as well as great provenance.


Contact Bill Cowing for more information and photos on :-


Phone:- 07505 932221

Advert posted November 2023.