One-Litre F3 Historic Racing Association

Introduction by the President of the One-Litre F3 Historic Racing Association

“For any young driver wishing to make it into Formula 1 during the ‘60s, the place to be was the fiercely competitive world of international Formula 3. I know because I was one of those young hopefuls! My three years spent in Formula 3 represented some of my most enjoyable racing – so much so that at 77 years of age I am back driving once again with the One-Litre F3 Historic Racing Association. These beautiful, pencil-slim single-seaters still look wonderful today and are such good fun to drive. So, whether you are an admirer or if you would like to race - please get in touch via the website and / or come and say hello at one of our races this year”. Mike Walker

This was, without doubt, the finest single-seater category ever created, with spectacular racing from huge grids and a clutch of drivers on their way to Formula 1. The one-litre Formula 3 category of the 1960s was a glorious success in period and now, six decades later, it is building back into one of the best historic racing classes in Europe.

The one-litre F3 'screamers' raced all over the UK and Europe between 1964 and 1970. During this period, up to 1000 cars were built by mainstream manufacturers such as Brabham, Lotus, Chevron, March, Ensign, Matra, Merlyn, Titan and Tecno.

Equipped with a diminutive 1,000cc engine, these iconic cars quickly became dubbed as ‘Screamers’ as this accurately described the sound of their engines operating just shy of 10,000 R.P.M.! With no aerodynamics to spoil the racing, the action was always fast and furious, as a gaggle of future stars made their names in the category; including future World Champions Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, James Hunt, Nikki Lauda and Emerson Fittipaldi.